bachelor studies in English


on-line registration: 21.05.2018 – 08.07.2018

filling a complete set of documents: 12.07.2018-20.07.2018

announcement of recruitment results: 03.08.2018


Required documents – 1nd degree cycle

1. On-line registration -> original application form printed from the on-line system;

2. legalized or bear an apostille high school diploma or other certificate obtained abroad, entitling to admission to first-cycle studies (bachelor) in th country that issued the document

3. original English translation of the above documents

4. application for a place in the dormitory (if applicable);

5. a copy of the visa, residence card, passport or other document authorizing foreigners to stay on the territory of Poland;

6. a copy of health insurance for the duration of studies in Poland, including a copy of the insurance in case of illness or accident covering the full period of studies in Poland;

7. medical certificate stating there is no impediment to their taking up studies in the chosen area

8. 2 photographs in a 35x45 mm format, on a bright background without the headgear;

9. proof of payment of the recruitment;