master studies in English


Step 1. Electronic application - ISR - Online Registration Platform

Step 2. Submission of required documents - in individual cases WPUT will accept scans of the admission documents, with the reservation that the candidate will be required to submit for inspection the originals by 1 October 2019.

Step 3. Confirmation of admission – individual decisions issued by the University


APPLICATION DEADLINES for studies beginning from winter semester 2019

on-line registration for programmes in the framework of PO WER project: 01 April 2019 - 16 July 2019

on-line ragistration for other programmes: 20 May 2019 - 16 July 2019

qualification tests: 18-19 July 2019

submission a complete set of documents: 24 - 30 July 2019

announcement of recruitment results: 09 August 2019



A foreigner qualified for admission to the second-cycle studies is required to submit the following documents in paper form to the International Mobility Office:

1) personal questionnaire - application form for studies with the candidate's signature (printout from the ISR - Online Registration Platform),

2) in the case of a bachelor diploma issued in the Republic of Poland:

  • photocopy of the diploma: bachelor's or master's (original document must be presented to the International Mobility Office) and a photocopy of the supplement or extract from the course of study (possibly a certificate from the university on passing the diploma exam),
  • a certificate of average marks from the course of study - in the absence of such information in a supplement or index, index or excerpt from the index confirmed by the university - in the case of a candidate who does not have a supplement,

3) in the case of a diploma issued abroad:

  • a photocopy of the diploma with a supplement or list of assessments legalised or with an apostille (original document must be presented to the International Mobility Office),

4) translation into Polish of the diploma referred to in paragraph 3, if it is drawn up in a foreign language,

5) a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications for the candidate to study on the chosen programme, in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Ministry of Health (if it is required in a given field),

6) photocopy of the ID card or other document confirming the identity of the candidate for studies (original document must be presented to the International Mobility Office),

7) current color photograph, meeting the requirements of the photo for the ID card (signed with: first and last name) and additionally an electronic version of the photo, which should be upoloaded in ISR,

8) declaration of readiness to take up studies (printout from ISR),

9) photocopy of a document confirming knowledge of the language in which the studies will be conducted (the original document must be presented to the International Mobility Office),

10) official confirmation that presented diploma entitles its holder to take up further education in the country of issue.