Frequently Asked Questions



What are the admissions criteria? 

Candidates applying for full-time programmes can be qualified for admission based on:

• Secondary school certificate (undegraduate programmes)

• Bachelor degree diploma and academic transcript/ diploma supplement (graduate programmes)

Both documents must entitle its holder to be admitted for undegraduate/graduate programmes in the country of issue. Each applicant must present an eligibility statement confirming this fact. We suggest reading the General requirement for candidates.

What are the steps of admission process?

Step 1. Registration in the online system for a chosen programme.

Step 2. Verification of documents confirming previous education.

Step 3. Qualification tests (if applicable).

Step 4. Information on prequalification.

Step 5. Payment of recruitment fee.

Step 6. Submision of required documents.

Step 7. Confirmation of qualification.

Is there an application fee?

Applications are subject to an application charge.

What standardized tests do I need to take?

Applicants for graduate programmes must meet the requirements set for a given programme.

• for MSc in civil engineering only candidates with bachelor in civil (building) enginnering can be qualified for admission;

• for MSc in biotechnology candidates must present a bachelor degree in areas related to biotechnology.

Documents are verified by the faculty resposible for the programme. If it will not be possible to verify engineering competences, applicant will be required to pass a qualification test.

I will receive my diploma (or other documents) after the application deadline. Can I apply?

Yes. You apply with the provisional / temporary documents confirming previous education. In case of a positive decision you will receive a conditional decision on admission. The condition is that he/she will be obligated to submit the missing documents in the specified time.

Is the legalisation of foreign documents required during admission proccess?

Generally speaking - yes. However the University can qualify the candidate without legalisation. Such candidate, if admitted, will receive a conditional decision od admission.The condition is that he/she will be obligated to submit the missing documents in the specified time.

What English/Polish language qualifications do I need?

For programmes taught in English applicants are required to present an English language proficiency certificate at min. B2 level.

For programmes taught in Polish applicants are required to present a Polish language proficiency certificate at min. B2 level.

Do reference/recommendation letters enhance my chances of acceptance?


Do I need to send my CV/resume with application?


When are international students notified of their admissions decisions?

Accordingly to the admission schedule for a given intake.



I need financial support. Are there scholarships I can apply for?

No, the faculty/university does not provide any scholarships.

Does the University offer tuition fee waivers?


Does the university provide accommodation? What can I do?

Information on accommodation possibilies is available in Guide for international students.

What is the minimal cost of living expenses in Szczecin?

Students should have at least 1200 - 1500 PLN (300 – 350 EUR) per month at their disposal to cover the basic living expenses. Study-related costs should be added to this amount. More information can be found in Guide for international students.