MSc in Biotechnology

MSc in Biotechnology


  • biotechnology in animal production and environmental protection


General information


The requirements to be met by the applicants

  • English language proficiency - minimum B2 level (more information on language requirements)
  • bachelor degree in areas related to medical analytics, biotechnology, medical biotechnology, food safety, bioinformatics, animal bioengineering, biology, applied biology, pharmacy, food production engineering, cosmetology, microbiology, applied microbiology, environmental protection, food technology and human nutrition  - the University will verify each diploma with academic transcript individually
  • general requirements for candidates


Financial aspects of studies

Tuition fees: 5.000 PLN per semester


Fees not related to tuition:

  • registration fee (85 PLN)
  • students ID (22 PLN)
  • repetition of subjects and additional courses not covered by the study programme (if applicable).

Important note! Students cover all costs related to accommodation and maintenance (living costs, local transport, etc.).