The West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin offers for its students an accommodation in one of the student dormitories. Currently, the University has 7 dormitories. In order to be granted a place in a student dormitory, it is necessary to submit an application for a given academic year.

The offer includes double rooms shared with another student. This type of accommodation will provide you an opportunity to meet and to get know other students, make new friends and settle quickly into University life. Each dormitory has a reception and administration office.


The number of places in student houses is limited. We do not guarantee accommodation for every person admitted for studies.

There is no possibility to choose the student house you want to stay in – the distribution of rooms is based on the choice of the hosting faculty.

The monthly cost of accommodation in the dormitory is about 400-450 PLN, depending on the student dormitory and the allocated room. The prices are settled for each academic year.


All questions about accommodation should be directed to the administration of the student house.


Formalities related to accommodation in a student house

Upon arrival and accommodation person who has been granted a place in the student house:

  • provides the administration of the student house with two photographs (passport size) and submit an identity document (passport, current visa, residence card) for inspection;
  • collects the resident's card, room keys and equipment, for which he is materially responsible,
  • provides completed registration documents indicated by the University;
  • undertakes to familiarize himself with and observe the regulations of accommodation in ZUT student houses in Szczecin by signing the declaration.


There is no such thing as a luggage handling by residence hall staff. Each resident must bring their luggage to their room individually.


Not satisfied with your room, would like to change a student house? Change of the student house/room is done individually by the student. It is possible ONLY after arrival, with the approval of the manager of the student house, and if there are any rooms available.


EXTRACTS from “REGULAMIN DOMÓW STUDENCKICH” ZUT (regulations on WPUT’s student houses, which is a uniform document for all inhabitants). Students accommodated in student houses are obliged to comply with students house regulations.

Inhabitants rights:

• Use all common rooms (e.g. kitchens) according to their purpose

• Put up family members in their rooms, the condition – notify the manager in advance – the inhabitant bears full responsibility for the guests

Inhabitants obligations:

• Respect rules and regulations of a dormitory

• Make all payments according to the regulations and agreed terms

• Respect any property belonging to the house and its surroundings

• Comply with the manager’s requests and decisions

• Keep their rooms and common rooms in order

• Leave the room in the original state upon departure (focus on walls, floor, windows, furniture, cleaning the bathroom and the toilet)

• Observe CISZA NOCNA (SILENT NIGHT PERIOD) between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. (not observing the time can be considered an offence, disturbed people can call the police). Please remember about it during any meetings kept in rooms during the night period.

Inhabitants are not allowed to:

• Use gas cookers, heaters and electric cookers outside the rooms they are installed

• Modify or changing electrical installations, gas and water pipes and locks

• Install any devices dangerous to human health

• Drink alcoholic beverages

• Use drugs

• Run a business without the manager’s permission (selling things)

• Gamble

• Smoke outside the smoking rooms

• Take the house equipment outside the building

• Exchange pieces of furniture between the rooms without the manager’s knowledge and permission

• Keep pets and animals

• Give your room key to any third-party

• Multiply room keys and exchange locks

• Keep fridges in shared bathrooms

You should know this:

• The inhabitants bear full (including financial) responsibility for the room and its equipment

• It is not allowed to drill holes or hammer nails in the walls, install your own furniture

• Any defects or failures in the rooms and common areas should be reported to the administration of a dormitory

• Once the defect is reported you agree that an employee of the dormitory enters your room, even when you are absent West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin is not financially responsible for the personal belongings of students house inhabitants.


If not the student residence, then…

...renting an apartment or a room. This is an alternative to a student residence. Szczecin's real estate market is quite rich and includes many rental offers for students as well. The monthly cost of renting a flat depends on the size of the flat, the location and the number of people who want to live there. Many offers also include a single or double room.

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