basic rules of prevention

The risk of contracting coronavirus can be lowered by following basic rules of prevention:

  1. Wash your hands often - with soap or alcohol-based liquids or gels.  Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
  2. Keep safe distance - at least 1 – 1.5 meter distance from a coughing, sneezing or feverish person.
  3. Avoid crowded spaces - refrein from being in a big gatherings.
  4. Protect others if you cough or sneeze - cover your mouth and nose with a bent arm or a tissue and immediately dispose of it into a closed bin. Then of course wash your hands.
  5. Regularly wash and disinfect touch surfaces - mobile phone, desks, counters and tables, door-handles, etc.
  6. If you are a resident of a student house - keep clean all spaces that are used by other persons (kitchen, bathroom, etc.)


Please note, that the success of combating the virus outbreak depends on behaviour of individuals. Therefore we would like to appeal to your sense of responsibility asking you to refrain from travelling in Poland and abroad, being in big groups of people, visiting restaurants or socialising carelessly. Follow the hygine and sanitary recommendations and stay calm.